• To renew your account just purchase a new month subscription a support tech will add your purchase to your existing account your login will stay the same.
  • account switching from pro to world or world to pro is not allowed
  • if you buy 1 plan you are to use that plan to its end date then pick any plan you wish
  • you can have as many accounts at one time as you like
  • pro plans have the most channels but its more USA and Canada focused but still has international tv 17,000+ channels
  • world plan is the best for international tv users 12,000+ channels  by far the best movies we have are on this plan
  • pro plans have the best sport usa channels usa ppv
  • world plan has uk ppv
  • buffering pro plans are faster then world plans do to their newer server technology and compression
  • all world plans come with 5 connections
  • Users from the uk may have to set their vpn to London or Birmingham or Glasgow to use uk as their country.
  • Yes, we have partnered up with PayPal, PayPal accepts all major credit cards, your payments are safe and secure.
  • We accept accepts all major credit cards, E-transfer for canada only
  • Our system works on smart phones Android or IPhone’s, Computers/laptops, tablets, Android box, Amazon Fire sticks or smart TV that support M3U play lists. And many more.
  • We are no longer offering guided support for smart tv users. It will be up to user to setup their own device. we will provide you a m3u if you ask or meg device or mac account if you ask.
  • You are going to need an unlimited high speed internet account, streaming HD TV or movies uses a lot of bandwidth.
  • Minimum speed of 10Mbps is recommended, the faster the better for good watch experience.
  • Good question, the channels you will receive from us are all over the internet (internet protocol television) because it’s over the internet & not a direct feed like cable or satellite we can offer at a much cheaper price them traditional television. That said no technology is perfect, it’s like watching a video on YouTube works great 99% of the time, but you need a fast & reliable internet speed if not you will see video buffering, watching anything at 4k or 1080p needs bandwidth & on occasion it is possible you may have to buffer but this should not be the norm when 5g is fully integrated in (internet protocol television) will be far superior to traditional television.
  • Our Zero set-up online player (Just login & go works on all devices)
  • Customer appreciation,
  • Fair prices,
  • Quality service, TV in more than 50 countries (Great for people who want to watch TV in their home land) let’s see cable or satellite do that.
  • Easy to use app should you choose to use it.
  • Not at all.
  • Use us when you want & stop when you want.
  • No contracts.
  • No credit checks.
  • No cancellation fees.
  • Absolutely 🙂
  • we offer free 1 day demo just email us

For our App and Smarters pro app

Go into settings – Streamformat and change between MPEGTS and HLS to HLS then save

Go to settings then video setting then enable openES & openGL then save

have it on software decoder

  • You can use Smarters pro app, or our Windows app or Apple GSE app or use our apps its up to you.
  • Once you have purchased your plan go to the download page and download the player for your device.
  • We will send you a user id and password by email and you are ready to go.
  • We accept one time payments, processed through payment processor’s stripe, they do not share your banking information with us. plus you have stripe buyer protection.
  • we do not auto bill
  • We will deliver it via email using your email that you add when you pay. We process orders manually, if it’s been 2 hours and you did not get your details please check your spam box & then email us.
  • When you receive your email your account is ready to go in most cases 2hr or less
  • We never disclose the personal information of our clients or supporters to third parties.
  • We highly recommend users use a VPN many internet providers throttle their service (slow it down) when users stream or download a lot a VPN stops this legally, while offering superior security to anything you do online, shopping, web surfing, or even watching contents all stays private.

Here is a guide that will tell you how to install the smarters pro app on your firestick


open app click on login with Xtream codes and put the information you received in your email

Filelinked has been shut down and removed of the internet

if you need firestick help please read FAQ page for help or email support

Windows users can use our rawsavetv windows player, just install the .exe file put your login information in and you are good to go.

No need for emulators.

Just see downloads.

Apple iOS users can use smaters


open app click xtream-codes then + then use your login information. this is the best way for apple users fast and easy


For smart tv you can use Smart IPTV app

more information here https://siptv.app/news/

this app can be found in the play store.

THAT said smart tv have a hard time loading our full channel list(10,000 + live tv 37,000+ movies) so we will have to remove channels if you want to us it,

or just add a fire stick or android box as their really are just better.



You will be able to use us anywhere in your country,

we will lock you to 1 country, the first country you connect with.

if you need it changed just email us.

We have upgraded all user from 3 connections to 5 for free.

it will say one max in the software but you are allowed 5 on

world plans it will say 1 connection but  their are 5

pro plans will tell you in the app how many connections you have


Please note if you want a Mag account ( magbox ) you will only have 1 connection.

I have a mag box can I use your service.

Yes, but please note you will only have 1 connection.




LEGAL DISCLAIMER: WE do not host, provide, archive, store, distribute or stream media of any kind on our website. WE do not own, manage, run, or have any access to the servers or entity involved in indexing/telecasting media of any kind. We at RawSaveTv.com & RawSaveTvpro.com do not stream any of the live IP channels, all channels are third party links available on the internet. We have no association with any of the IP channels shown or any of these products. TV channels and video content of the services are being provided without any liability from us regarding copyrights. Per our knowledge all channels provided by the server sellers abide by all relevant countries’ copyright laws and any copyright issues must be taken up directly with the server owners, RawSaveTv.com & RawSaveTvpro.com does not take any liability as to what is aired on the servers.

open app

click on login with Xtream codes

put the login information you received in your email

Good to go 🙂

No and never will.

No tricks just a pay as you go service.

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